Frequently asked questions


Do I need to drop off my vehicles at my appointment time?

No! The appointment time is a guaranteed placeholder for your service request. We would PREFER if your vehicle is with us as early as possible. This will allow us to properly schedule in the days workload and not lose valuable time waiting.

I’ve heard staff will pickup and drop off my vehicles keys at my place of work?

That is correct! If you work in the building that we reside in, we can pickup and drop off your vehicles keys from/to your companies main receptionist. Due to the time involved to go through the highrise towers, we typically try to do one key pickup in the morning and one key drop towards the end of day (before 4pm).

I’m running late for my appointment time, what do I do?

We understand that there are many circumstances that are out of everyones control. If you are running late for your appointment, simply call or email us. We can typically do a 15 minute grace period before we have to reschedule you (so to be fair to the rest of the days appointment times). Theres no penalty*, we just simply reschedule you for the next available time.

*only applies to monthly parkers. If you are a daily parker and entitled to receive a validation, but showed up late, you may need to pay for the days parking rate.

With our online booking system, we have an intake questionnaire. Simply make a note on the form as to what you want to do. For example: I get in early, please call me at 403.555.5555 upon arrival and I will meet you OR I get in early and will leave my keys on the top drivers side tire. You get the idea.

Most of our locations do have a secured key drop slot (Devon Tower, 8th Avenue Place), Jamieson Place has 24/7 security on the main floor for key sign in, Bankers Hall and Suncor Energy Centre have an office where you can slide your keys under the door. For ALL locations, we will setup key drop envelopes for your convenience.

I get into work before you open, what is the process?

Sometimes I can’t get a hold of anyone at the location and i need to speak with a live person. What do I do?

It is most likely staff are working away detailing a client’s vehicle and are unable to get to the phone. We do try to return all voicemail calls within 4 business hours, but if thats too long a wait and you need to talk to someone sooner, our manager Erik is usually one to respond much quicker. He can be reached at 403.903.0427