Car: $40 | Non-Car: $45

A complete interior clean with an eye for detail. Includes a full wipe-down of the dash and seats, a detailed brush of all crevices to remove dust, a full vacuum, and finished off with a spotless window clean. 

PLEASE NOTE: 3rd Row Seat Vehicles will be an additional $15


Car: $40 | Non-Car: $45

$15 EXPRESS WASH (all vehicles)

This full service detail will get your vehicles looking spotless outside. A traditional scratch free, two bucket hand wash 100% of the time. Also includes a wheel clean, a tire shine, and we will wipe down your door jambs and glass. All vehicles are power dried, so no more water spots.

This is a high pressure spray down of your vehicles exterior and drying your windows only. It is only intended as a exterior maintenance wash to remove salt & road grime from your vehicle in between full detailing services.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not intended to replace our full exterior detail.


Full Car: $75 | Full Non-Car: $100

Partial Car: $50 | Partial Non-Car: $70

Get a deep clean of your carpets and/or seats with this service. A full shampoo will restore carpets after winter and long use, as well as remove smells and set in stains from old seats. 

Leather, much like our own skin, gets rough and tattered with time. Keep your leather looking smooth and crack free with our Leather Care treatment. The perfect amount of Vitamin-E enriched leather milk applied to your seats will keep them healthy and fresh. For best results, care for your leather through this treatment every few months. 



Car: $50 | Non-Car: $70

This two step process is a must in order to keep your car looking like you just got it washed. Our Clay Bar Treatment removes all particle buildup from your paint, including brake dust, and particles from the road. This is important to avoid getting rust spots on your vehicle. Our Carnauba Wax treatment is then applied liberally to your vehicle, and allowed to sit for 15 minutes, creating a layer over your paint that shines with a gloss and repels water/contaminates. 

Clay bar

& Wax

Available with our packages only.

Nothing gets better than a Power Polish/Paint Correction. This is a part of our Best Package, and its a full-day event. We roll up our sleeves and take the better part of 8 hours to clean your vehicles inside and out. The exterior receives a two-step polish with a state of the art polishing compound. It removes all the hazing, small scratches, and scuffs in your paint that cause it to loose its shine. A power polish can look as good as a brand new paint job on some vehicles, a must for selling your vehicle, or just pampering it. 



Available with our packages only.



Ask for pricing.

After a paint correction service, the final cherry on the cake to protect your rides painted surface is a Nano Ceramic coating.  This polymer coating is applied by hand and adheres to your paints surface creating a protective 9H hard coat over the paint.  Guaranteed from the manufacturer for 5 years, the paint protection, hydrophobic effect and ease of cleaning make this a worthwhile investment.  We also have Nano Ceramic sprays for fabric and convertible tops.  Ask for details



On Site Windshield Replacement (Insurance Claims welcome & we pay your deductible up to $150)

Windshield rock chip repair from $15 each

$50 Seasonal Wheel Changeovers (Tires must already be on rims, mounted and balanced with no TPMS)

$50 Headlight Polishing (per pair)

$40 Engine Bay Detail (only at Devon Tower & Jamieson Place)

Full ‘3M’ film removal and installation