We understand the pride of ownership that comes from driving a clean vehicle.  The line-ups at the local self wash and touchless car wash bays are sometimes intimidating and never quite meet your expectations in the end.

At Reflections, we understand this.  We want to be FAIR and earn your business by continually meeting and exceeding your expectations.  We firmly believe that our staff are suppose to do a GREAT JOB in taking care of your vehicle and if you WANT TO TIP, to recognize a great job by staff, then by all means do so, but please don’t feel obligated to.  We want to be respectful of your time and offer the CONVENIENCE of booking your appointment via phone, email or our real time ONLINE booking system.  We continue with our superior CUSTOMER SERVICE by offering to pick up and drop off your vehicles keys at your place of business.   To finalize every transaction, we offer a VALUE ADD selection of complimentary services to keep your vehicle as maintenance free as we can.

To us, it’s not just another vehicle that needs to be cleaned, it’s an understanding of what your vehicle means to YOU!


Please pick one of the following locations:

Bankers Hall   Devon Tower   Jamieson Place Suncor Centre